Gift ideas for the attorney in your life

Do you have an attorney on your holiday gift giving list this year? Wondering what to buy them? Sometimes finding the right gifts for people in the legal field can be a task. Male attorneys probably have enough ties. We all have our favorite coffee mugs already. Those of us who have been in the field awhile more than likely don’t need anything for our desks. So, what’s left? Here are some unique gift ideas for the lawyers in your life.

Walk the walk briefcase
 Fun and games 
Pop Culture atticus finch
  • Better Call Saul print.
  • T-shirts: Atticus Finch, Olivia Pope, Patty Hewes, Ally McBeal, Alan Shore, Charles Kingsfield, Perry Mason etc.
Read and Watch
Office or home decor
Subscription Services


I hope that gives you some ideas. Do you have any to add? If you’re an attorney, what was one of the best gifts you ever received?



Have healthy and stress free holidays: Part four

Today we wrap up our series on how to stay happy and healthy throughout the holidays. If you have friends and Gym Bagfamily who are fitness nuts, or just want to get fit – give them the gift of health. The following are some ideas for the health conscious people on your gift list that (hopefully) won’t offend, or break the bank.

  1. Gym bag – Who can’t use a gym bag? Whether they’re going to the gym from home or work, your loved one will need a place to carry their essentials like their phone, change of clothes, water bottle, and whatever else they need for their work out. If you want to add a little extra, you can stock the bag with items like dry shampoo, deodorant, earbuds, and other essential exercise items.
  2. Running hat – I will never be a runner, but the ones I know are very committed. They run in the heat, rain and cold. Giving your running friends a great moisture wicking hat to wear in the cold is thoughtful and practical.
  3. Resistance bands – Resistance bands are great for strength training. Individuals at any size, age or level of fitness can benefit from these exercise tools. They also take up little space, so are great for tight places and
  4. Yoga kit – If someone you know is thinking about taking up yoga, give them everything they need to get started. There are many types of yoga starter kits out there; even a basic one with mat, ball and instructional DVD would make a great gift.
  5. Dumbbell alarm clock – If you know someone who has a hard time waking up for their morning workouts, this is the perfect gift for them. This alarm clock dumbbell can be set so that the alarm doesn’t go off until 30 curls are done.
  6. Bluetooth earbuds – Bluetooth earbuds are great for exercise. No more annoying cord getting in the way or getting pulled from your ear. They come in a variety of brands, styles and colors.
  7. Food savers – Food savers are a great gift for people who love to cook, or who like to have certain items handy when they need them. Keep slices in these food savers made especially for onions, tomatoes and lemons. They contain odors, extend shelf life and are dishwasher safe.
  8. Cookbooks – No matter what your loved one is trying, a cookbook full of healthy recipes would be helpful. If you know they are going Vegan, or trying the Whole 30, or Paleo, you can buy them a cookbook specific to those healthy lifestyles. Or just buy one about general nutritious eating.
  9. Blender with to-go cup – This is a great gift for those who need to drink their smoothies or protein shakes on the go. Blends ingredients right in the sports bottle for convenience and saving time. The bottle is dishwasher safe and the blender comes with a recipe book.
  10. Spiral veggie slicer – Whether eating low carb, paleo, or gluten free, this is an easy way to eat healthy. This veggie slicer makes noodles from zucchini and other squash in minutes and most come with a recipe book. This makes a great gift for someone with a goal of eating clean.fruit basket
  11. Fruit basket or edible arrangement – Food is always a great gift. Instead of giving chocolates, candies and cookies, buy your friends and/or family a fruit basket or edible arrangement.
  12. Wine Trax – Do you know someone trying to cut back on their wine consumption? With this special wine glass, they can track 4,6 or 8 ounce glasses and stay within their healthy daily wine limits.
  13. UP MOVE by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker – A less expensive alternative to the FitBit, the UP MOVE tracks your steps, exercise and calories burned. If you have trouble sleeping, it can tell you the hours slept and quality of sleep. It’s also a food tracker, which scores your meals and lets you know if you’re eating right. You can connect with friends and compete or inspire each other. Comes in a variety of fun colors.
  14. Aromatherapy gift set – If someone you know is into aromatherapy, give them a gift set. Many come with a number of essential oils, all of them are supposed to make a positive impact on the mind and body.
  15. Natural light desk lamp – Many people, especially in the Pacific Northwest, suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. These types of lights are supposed to release serotonin, reduce melatonin, and increase vitamin D, all of which help with fighting fatigue and depression. Many of these are attractive and can be used as a reading, studying and work lamp while making your loved one feel better.
  16. Inspirational quotes – Whether in the form of posters, signs, murals, or jewelry, inspirational quotes have a way of motivating and encouraging people.
  17. Runner’s charms – Running isn’t easy. Running long distances is for those with stamina and endurance. Give the runner in your life a way to display their accomplishments. Whether they’ve accomplished a 5k or a marathon, this is an attractive way to flaunt their running journal
  18. Journal – Some people like to journal as a form of self-therapy. Others might want to record accomplishments. Still other individuals might need a journal to keep track of exercise and healthy eating. No matter the reason, journaling is a way harness your creativity and brain power, stay organized and focused, and improve your memory.
  19. Magazine subscription to Whole Living, Health, Cooking Light, etc. – No matter what your loved one is trying to accomplish, there’s a magazine for it. Magazines can give exercise and cooking tips, and offer valuable information and life lessons.

I hope these ideas helped. May your holiday shopping be effortless and fun.